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Pork Production

Since 1989 producers have found the Armor-Rock system to be the most permanent solution for restoring concrete around feeders and waterers (especially on ‘new’ slats!) and on floors. Wastes flow off the slats removing acids that erode the surface.

Feeder pads, 
Slats, Load-out ramps, Floors, Smooth overlays, Troughs

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Armor-Rock Slat Protector

Dairy Production

Armor-Rock offers real solutions, rigorously tested in the real world to develop a coating system with the substantial durability to perform in production environments.

  • Many years of concrete protection
  • Sound footing for cows – no slipping
  • Easy cleaning and sanitary surfaces
  • Attractive Colors
  • Protection in other areas around the platforms
  • Coving for transitions between floors and walls

When planning facility renovations and upgrades it is an excellent time to consider the added protection and enhancement of an Armor-Rock System.

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Armor-Rock Dairy

Dairy Before & After 

Product Packaging

#AC133-AR Armor-Rock Kit

Typical Coverage: About 30 sq. ft. per 1.5 gal. unit combined with 25 lbs. Vanberg ADMIX and 25 lbs. Vanberg Medium Broadcast at 3/16 inch

#520B-25 Admix 25 lbs.
#210-520B Medium 50 lbs.
#TSAR-6 Armor-Rock Applicator (for 5” or 6” slats)
#TSFECSE-6H Notched 6-inch Squeegee with Handle

Armorcoat is used as the base epoxy in Armor-Rock
#AC133 1.5 Gal. Kit (clear
#AC133G 1.5 Gal. Kit (med. Gray)
#AC133-3 3 Gal. Kit* (clear)
#AC133G-3 3 Gal. Kit* (med. gray)
#AC133-15 15 Gal. Kit (clear)
#AC133G-15 15 Gal. Kit (med gray)

Aggregate Use Guide
Gestation and Growing Animals:
Medium (#210-520B 50 lb. Bag)
Loading Chutes:
ES Natural Blend (#82801-35N 35 lb. Bag)
G-Diamond Blend (#82900-35N 35 lb. Bag)