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Armor-Rock Parlor 10 Years Later

Apr 10, 2015

Armor-Rock Parlor G-Diamond.JPG

When dairyman Dale Wadel remodeled his parlor in 2005, he knew he wanted to prevent corrosion of his concrete from the beginning. Dales primary goal was to install a surface for his cows that would provide long-lasting, sound footing, and easy cleaning.

Following a consultation with his builder he selected the Armor-Rock G-Diamond flooring system for its durability, high-impact and chemical resistance, and non-slip properties. The floor installation was made between milkings with zero down time with the floor ready before the next day.

Wadel Parlor 10 years later.JPG 

Now, it's clear the decision made to install Armor-Rock G-Diamond proved a wise investment. With little wear the flooring system is still providing the lasting protection that he had sought after a decade ago.

Category: Dairy Production