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Armor-Rock on Parlor with G-DiamondOverlay zones attacked by acids and sulfates with Armor-Rock epoxy slurry and broadcast system. Armor-Rock provides chemical protection as well as providing a uniform non-slip long wearing surface that can last 10 plus years with some maintenance.

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Armor-Rock THX Smooth

Armor-Rock THX SmoothArmor-Rock THX is an attractive, smooth surfaced coating used for protecting and enhancing feeding surfaces. This heavy duty VSC Epoxy Overlay system stands up to scraping and corrosive compounds. It provides permanent bound with no brackets or anchors, and will not warp, which helps to improve consumption and productivity.

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Armor-Rock THX Non-Slip

Armor-Rock THX Non-SlipArmor-Rock THX Non-slip is a multi-component seamless and non-slip 1/32” to 1/4" VSC Epoxy Aggregate Filled floor overlay system. It has high wear, chemical and stain resistance. It is impact resistance, easy to clean and is a uniform smooth surface. Ideal for tank, chemical and storage rooms, offices, showrooms, baths, showers and break-room floors.

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Armor-StoneArmor-Stone is a unique 3-compounent mortar that combines the chemical resistance and bond strength of Armorcoat Epoxy and the tough wearing properties of ES Natural aggregate blend. It is a tough wearing long-lasting repair and overlay system that helps withstand heavy animal traffic and corrosive compounds with superior bond strength that can be coved, shaped and leveled without forms. This system is available in Fast and Xtra Fast with minimal or no down time.

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