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Silver Stone Color-Flake BlendColor-Flake Flooring System Designed as a ‘Lifetime’ Floor Coating! The VSC Color-Flake™ floor offers a wide assortment of colored flake blends and solid colors for decorative effects. Floors burst to life with Color-Flake™ and last indefinitely with the durability of Armorcoat epoxy. Not only are Color-Flake™ floors easy to maintain, but they have high stain, scratch, wear and UV light resistance. A great addition to any facility.

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Color-Stone Hallway BlueColor-Stone provides undeniable beauty and durability for any floor. A wide variety of solid colors and tweed blends are available to match any decor. The tough wearing VSC Color-Stone aggregate combines with the superior features of Armorcoat epoxy for an unbeatable floor overlay.

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