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Pork Production

Slats, feed pads, stall floors & troughs

  • High Wear Resistance - Withstands heavy pig traffic
  • High Chemical Resistance - Unaffected by corrosive wastes
  • High Bond Strength - Adheres permanently
  • Non-Slump Mortar - Cover, shape or level without forms
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Armor-Stone Pork

Dairy Production

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Armor-Rock Dairy

Dairy Before & After 

Product Packaging

Components – Single Batch

Purchasing components for large surface areas is a great way to save and make installation easy.

Armor Stone Liquids
.5 gal kit (used for priming and mortar) covers approximately 75-100 sq. ft. as a primer.

Armor-Stone #82801-AB Sets in 4-5 Hours

ES Natural Aggregate Blend
35 lb. bag #82801-35N

One Batch covers 18 sq. ft. @ ¼ inch.

Armor-Stone Kits
Self-priming Armor-Stone kits are designed for convenient application of floors and for repairs. Consists of Armor-Stone Liquids (hardener and resin) and a bag of ES Natural. Just mix liquids, add ES Natural and mix thoroughly. Then trowel apply. Coverages are at ¼ thickness.

Armor-Stone Fast
Sets in 4-5 hours. Covers 18 sq. ft. #82414-AG

Armor-Stone X’tra Fast
Sets in 2-3 hours. Covers 12-13 sq. ft. #82414-AG

Kicker PackReduce set time by up to 1 hour (add to liquids during mixing)
2 oz. Pack (1/batch) #8451-2